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Why is the survey important?

The survey is of great importance as it addresses the consequences of Niantic Labs implementing remote raid limitations and price increases, which can effectively exclude a significant portion of the community from participating in raids. Moreover, Niantic Labs' encouragement for players to engage in in-person raids is likely to result in some players using cars to travel between raids. By collecting data through this survey and presenting it in the data visualization below, awareness can be raised regarding the impact of Niantic Labs' decision on inclusiveness, social impact, diversity, and carbon emissions. This information has the potential to guide future decisions, address concerns raised by the community, and provide relevant customer intelligence for media companies and investors.

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Survey results

If you would like to show the presentation version to your surroundings. See also the Google Sheets file for more collaborative options and the Google Analytics folder. GO Raiding - Balancing Accessibility and Sustainability report by Guillaume Lauzier - April 21st, 2023 and Niantic Labs’ Remote Raid Limitations: A Call for Greater Inclusivity and Sustainability in Pokémon GO article.


Total surveys across all languages : Sum = value1 + value2 + ... + valueN

Participation : average = Σx / n

Player concerned about ESG : T / 3 Groups

Impact on overall game experience : T / 3 Groups

Player ratings : average = Σx / n

Importance of open communication : average = Σx / n

Satisfaction : ((a₁ + a₂ + a₃ + a₄ + a₅ + a₆ + a₇) + (a₈ x 8) + 2) / 100
a₁ to a₇ are the 7 averages
a₈ is the 8th average with 2 extra scores on total average

% of users using a car to raid : Σx / n
where Σx represents the sum of all values, and n represents the total number of values.

Inclusion Index (I) = (Accessibility Score (A) + Suitability Score (S)) / 2
1. Accessibility Score (A): Assess how accessible an activity is for users with disabilities or no local raid community.
2. Suitability Score (S): Assess the suitability of an activity for parents with children under 18.

Calculation of the Inclusion Index:

- Determine the Accessibility Score (A) for the activity.
- Determine the Suitability Score (S) for the activity.
- Sum the Accessibility Score (A) and the Suitability Score (S).
- Divide the sum by 2 to find the Inclusion Index (I).

The Inclusion Index will give you a quantitative measure of how inclusive an activity is for users with disabilities, no raid local raid community and parents with children under 18. A higher Inclusion Index score indicates greater inclusiveness.